Spinuts Goa Cashew (400) – SPINUTS ( HARSH DRYFRUITS )
Introducing our brand's Cashew (Mini) nuts – nature's delicious treasure encased in a unique fruit! The cashew nut, actually a kidney or heart-shaped achene, boasts hues from bottle green to grayish brown when dried. Attached to a fleshy footstalk, it's the receptacle of a flower, forming a distinct false fruit. Within this nut lies the prized kernel embraced by the pericarp or shell. Explore the flavorful essence of our mini cashew nuts, perfect for your snacking desires!


Specialty ‎Vegan, Crunchy, Sweet, Healthy, Delicious.
Weight ‎Based on purchased
Ingredient Type ‎Vegetarian
Brand Spinuts
Form ‎Dried
Manufacturer Harsh Dryfruits
Net Quantity Based on purchased
Product Dimensions Based on purchased
Ingredients Cashews (Mini)
Country of Origin ‎India

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